One More – Eolo

Geelgouden diamanten hanger

One More Eolo

Deze 18 krt. gouden hanger van One More Eolo is gezet met diamanten in pavézetting. Geelgoud is de hanger, maar kan ook geleverd worden in witgoud en roségoud. De One More collectie heeft er mooi bijpassende ringen bij en oorsieraden.

One More

She is sensual, stylish and self-confident.
This is reflected in her individual and refined look. In her uncompromising choice of gold, the most beautiful gemstones and the highest quality.
Such class.
She chooses her jewellery carefully and wears it lovingly. Her rings are worn in a unique combination, surrendering entirely to the luxury of the moment.
Look how she sparkles, subtly but convincingly. This is who she is.
One More, the reflection of her soul.


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